What’s Your Home Style? Consider More Than Looks When Buying a Home

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If you’re like most potential homebuyers, surfing through online real estate listings is a pastime that consumes a solid chunk of your free time. The photography and lighting are gorgeous, and it’s easy to day dream about which architectural style would be the perfect purchase.

Favorite Home Styles in the U.S.

Preferred home styles in the United States vary from region to region, even from state to state, often influenced by weather patterns. This is why you won’t regularly see brick colonials in the deserts of Arizona.

So, which types of architectural styles do Americans prefer for their homes? Here are the top ten.

  1. Craftsman
  2. Country
  3. Traditional
  4. European
  5. Ranch
  6. Farmhouse
  7. Cottage
  8. Modern
  9. Southern
  10. Mediterranean

The order of this list fluctuates in popularity according to geography. For example, Southwestern dwellers choose ranches frequently, while those living in the Northeast gravitate toward traditionally styled homes. But, over and over again, the above categories prove to be the most sought after in the U.S.

It’s important to note there are other widely known descriptors of homes such as Victorian and Tudor, and sometimes the previously listed designations are also referred to by other names; craftsman houses are often denoted as California bungalows. The National Association of Realtors publication, Realtor Mag, offers a detailed guide for breaking down residential styles.

Consider Upkeep and Maintenance

Although homebuyers might gravitate to a certain aesthetic of a home, there’s much to consider before the purchase because each has its own personality with nuances that won’t be obvious. The upkeep and maintenance of a historic farmhouse will be much different than the care of a modern styled home. Differences in the heating and cooling of homes and other utilities also vary among designs.

Military families are in the unique position where the buying and selling decision is often augmented by the very real possibility of becoming landlords if the home cannot sell in time for a PCS move. You might have always dreamed of living in the perfect Mediterranean home complete with tucked away courtyard, but a pool of renters could easily reject this very specific style if more en vogue choices are available.

Many reasons motivate home shoppers to choose certain style of houses. They may want to recreate the familiarity of their childhood home or explicitly stay away from other types if bad experiences occurred there. Style shopping before obtaining the correct financial components necessary for buying a home often leads to disappointment, so a rational discussion of what type of home is affordable must be calculated before the heart leads the way in a buying decision.

With the prevalence of home shows on TV, viewers are more in tune than ever with the options of architectural types of residences. This is both helpful in that its beneficial to have knowledge about many options, as well as daunting because the exposure of what is available across the country often doesn’t reflect what is accessible in your preferred location.

Lately, Mid-Century Modern and Country Rustic homes are winners in the property popularity contest. Is this true in your neighborhood? What is your preferred style of residence?

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