Home Ownership Myths: No.1


Don't let a homebuying myth cause you to put your future on hold. Read on to see how breaking down perceived barriers, understanding the truth, and working with Military Mortgage Express -- offered exclusively through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage -- can help you make the investment of a lifetime.

Myth: "I can't qualify for a mortgage with less-than-perfect credit."

The Truth: Even with a limited or imperfect credit history, you may still be able to qualify for home financing. Military Mortgage Express has loan options with relaxed approval guidelines that accommodate credit and income challenges.

Begin with the basics to achieve your goals: Check your credit report and know your credit score. Lenders look at your credit history to see how you?ve handled financial obligations in the past. Lenders also look at your monthly debt to be sure you?re able to add on a mortgage payment. So, if you plan to buy a home, check your credit report before you apply. Your credit score may be better -- or easier to improve -- than you think! 

Count on Military Mortgage Express to help you move beyond credit challenges into your own home.

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