Home Ownership Myth No.2


Don't let a homebuying myth cause you to put your future on hold. Read on to see how breaking down perceived barriers, understanding the truth, and working with Military Mortgage Express - offered exclusively through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - can help you make the investment of a lifetime.

Myth: "I can't afford a down payment."

The Truth: Even if you haven't been able to put aside a large amount of money, you may be able to afford a home right now, making a low -- or no down payment at all!  Military Mortgage Express offers a variety of home financing solutions requiring only 5 percent, 3 percent,  or 0 percent  down.

Begin with the basics to achieve your goals: The down payment requirement can make all the difference. While a lower down payment can mean a higher mortgage payment, many people find it easier to make monthly payments than to save a large sum. A 15 percent  down payment on a $150,000 home would be $22,500, but with 100 percent  financing, you might be able to buy it today. Imagine taking years to save up $22,500, only to find the home price is now $175,000 and you need $26,250.

Count on Military Mortgage Express to help you buy a home without a lot of cash, or any at all.

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