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The DoD Just Changed the Name of This Transition Class

(U.S. Marine Corps/Chris Bilski)
(U.S. Marine Corps/Chris Bilski)

If you're looking for the Transition Assistance Program's career workshop, known as the Career Technical Training Track (CTTT), keep your eyes peeled for, well, not that.

That's because that program is getting a name update.

"The ... Career Technical Training Track (CTTT) has been renamed to align with the Department of Labor's (DOL) revised curriculum, and the course title will change from CTTT, to Career Exploration and Planning Track (CEPT)," officials announced in a release.

"The Career Exploration and Planning Track workshop offers a unique opportunity for transitioning service members and their spouses to identify skills, increase awareness of training and credentialing programs, and develop an action plan to achieve career goals," said Timothy Winter, the Department of Labor's Transition Assistance Program lead saind in the statement.

The Department of Labor started running the CTTT or, rather, CEPT part of the TAP program in April of 2017. But when they did a review of the program, they "determined the title should better align with the content."

CEPT providers users with these sections, according to the release.

Assess Yourself: Look inward and conduct assessments of your interests, values, and aptitudes

Research the Market: Examine external influences and labor market information that may impact your choice of industry and occupation

Prepare Yourself: Consider training opportunities, types of credentials, qualifications needed for your occupations of interest, and funding options

Design the Path: Establish clear goals, evaluate training options, and build an action plan.Transitioning service members and spouses who attend the 2-day CEPT workshop complete personalized career development assessments of occupational interest, aptitudes, and work values. These assessments present workshop participants with a variety of tailored job recommendations aligned with their interests and aptitudes, some of which are classified as "high demand" or "high growth" occupations.

The course shows participants how to narrow their career focus by establishing achievable career goals and development strategies. Workshop facilitators guide participants through a variety of career considerations including labor market projections, education, apprenticeships, certifications, and licensure requirements.

Implementation of CEPT across all installations will be effective August 15, 2018. For more information, contact your local installation TAP office.

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