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VA's MOVE Weight Loss App Finally Available for Android


VA has finally made its MOVE! weight loss app available for Android devices.

The iOS device has been available for several years now, helping hundreds of thousands of veterans lose weight and keep it off.

More than three quarters of of the vets receiving medical care from the VA are considered to be overweight or obese. To help fix this problem, and prevent the possible health problems associated with it the VA came up with a weight loss program called MOVE!

The program has been quite successful. For veterans enrolled in the program, 26% achieve a 5% or greater weight loss and almost all are maintaining their weight loss two years after joining MOVE!

The MOVE! App

The MOVE! Coach is a weight management app designed for veterans and their families who strive for a healthy weight.  The 19-week program, guides the app users to achieve success through education and the use of tools, in an easy and convenient way.  Participants can monitor, track, and receive feedback regarding their progress with weight, diet, and exercise goals.

The Integrated MOVE! Weight Loss Program

The app can be used by itself, but additional benefit may be achieved if used in combination with treatment and coaching by your healthcare team. All VA Medical Centers and many VA Community-based Outpatient Clinics offer MOVE! for free. Contact your nearest VA facility to inquire about program availability.

Even if your local VA center doesn't offer the extended services, you can use the app to get quite a bit of help in your weight loss journey. The app offers:

  • Self-Management Guides – providing weight management strategies using videos, worksheets, games, and other tools.
  • Weight, Diet, and Physical Activity Diaries - for progress tracking
  • Goals and Progress components - for setting physical activity, diet, and weight loss SMART goals while offering summaries and progress reports.
  • How to Solve Problems - resources to overcome barriers
  • The ability to share your progress and challenge your friends

The MOVE! Program is designed for both men and women, and for veterans of all ability levels. Only Veterans receiving care from VA can enroll in the MOVE! program.

The program lasts 19 weeks, but you can continue indefinitely for better results. 

For more details check out the VA MOVE! website.

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