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VA Seeking Gulf War Vets for Sleep Study

Many spouses have trouble sleeping. Uriy Rudyy/Getty Images

The VA is looking for Persian Gulf War veterans who have sleep problems, and they are willing to pay them $355 to participate in a study designed to help them sleep better.

Specifically, the VA is looking for Persian Gulf War veterans who deployed from 1990 - 1991, with problems falling asleep or staying asleep. The veterans also must have Gulf War Illness (GWI) symptoms.

If that is you, you may be eligible for a non-medication insomnia treatment study for improving sleep and managing GWI symptoms. The therapy is known as Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBTi. 

CBTi is an approved method for treating insomnia without sleeping pills. Its goal is to improve sleep by changing sleep habits and misconceptions about sleep and insomnia.

CBTi has been shown to be very effective in improving sleep and in helping people sleep longer. Research has shown CBTi to be at least as effective as sleep medications for insomnia in short term, and usually more effective in the long term.

Clinical research suggests that sleep quality affects pain, fatigue, mood, cognition, and daily functioning. VA would like to find out if helping veterans with GWI to sleep better will also alleviate their other GWI symptoms.

This study will involve a clinical screening interview to determine eligibility, self-report questionnaires, eight weekly CBTi sessions by phone, and keeping track of your sleep/wake routine and habits in a sleep diary.

If you are selected by the VA to participate in the study, you will receive up to $355 in compensation (and you might be able to sleep a little better).

You don't even have to visit a VA facility to participate in the study, you can participate in the study from anywhere because ofthe use of telephone meetings and mail-in assessments.

To find out more, call Kara at 415-221-4810, x24602 or email

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