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Nurse Advice Line Now Up in Japan, Korea

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Tricare's nurse advice line is getting another expansion, this time to users stationed in Korea and Japan.

Since 2014 the nurse advice line has been available to all Tricare users except those on the US Family Health Plan in Europe and stateside. Exactly how useful it is how varied over time, but those seen on base through Tricare Prime probably saw the most benefit from the system.

That's because the advice line, which is available 24/7, can actually make appointments for you at your military treatment facility. Anyone who has ever sat calling the appointment line over and over again until it's no longer busy trying to get an appointment for a sick kid on a Monday morning knows the value of that tool.

And until recently, when urgent care appointments became available on an unlimited basis for Tricare Prime family members, the nurse line was also one way to make sure you could get an urgent care referral without hitting up your doctor's office.

Although you no longer need a referral for that benefit, you can still use the advice line to find your nearest in-network urgent care or get advice on whether or not you need to go at all (but who likes spending their time at an urgent care if it isn't necessary?).

Now Tricare officials have expanded the advice line service to Japan and Korea. In Japan, users can reach the line by DNA 0066-33-821820. In South Korea, they can reach it from DSN by dialing 94-888-901-7144 or 888-901-7144. A toll-free number for South Korea is available yet.


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