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Support for MilPay Caps Draws Fire


Last week the top enlisted members of the military testified before Congress that they supported efforts to cap pay and curb the growing cost of benefits like TRICARE, because the increased cost of growing pay and compensation would hurt the military’s overall readiness.

Of course their testimony drew heavy criticism, especially the remarks by the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps who testified that he believes that lower pay would improve discipline in the military.’s Mike Hoffman reported today that SMMC Barrett issued a letter to all Marines on Friday trying to explain his recent congressional testimony in which he said Marines preferred better equipment over high pay and that lowering pay raises would improve discipline.

In the letter SMMC Barrett wrote that his words were misreported, which caused Marines to believe he doesn't care about their quality of life and level of pay.

"Nobody wants less. ... But if we don't slow the growth of our hard-earned generous compensation/benefit entitlements that we have enjoyed over the past decade, we don't have sufficient dollars for what we need -- investment in our warfighting capabilities and our wonderful Marine and family care programs," Barrett wrote.

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