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House Passes Defense Act and Ryan-Murray Budget Deal

[CORRECTION] - Just a quick update - both the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act and the socalled Ryan-Murray Budget agreement  made it through the House, and are now headed to the Senate.

There were no changes to either bill -  the opportunity for the President to set the military pay increase at 1% and the 1% Retiree COLA reduction remained in tact.

It is not certain that the Senate will pass the bills as quickly as the House. Not a single Senate Republican has supported the deal, this could mean that Senate Democrats will have a hard time passing this without a fillibuster.

Let you elected officials know how you feel about the Ryan-Murray budget.

[I originally reported that these bills made it through both Houses of Congress. That was an error. The Senate is set to address these bills next Tuesday or Wednesday]

Stay tuned...

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