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Congress' Ten Burning Issues


The following post was provided by the Military Officer's Association of America:

Ten Burning Issues

As August comes to an end and Labor Day quickly approaches, Congress will return to several burning issues that are more than entrees on the Labor Day picnic menu. Several will probably cause a great deal of indigestion.

Here are MOAA’s top ten issues:

10. Defense Appropriations Bill: Will Congress pass a budget by October 1? (don’t hold your breath)

9. Government Shutdown: Will Congress avert a government shutdown by providing an interim Continuing Resolution by October 1?

8. Debt Ceiling: Will Congress agree to increase the debt ceiling late this year?

7. Grand Bargain: Will Congress come up with a bi-partisan plan to control our Nation’s spending and eat away at its $16.9 trillion dollar debt?

6. Chained CPI: Will Congress’ Grand Bargain include the use of a Chained CPI that deflates the annual cost-of-living adjustment for social security, federal and military retired pay, and veteran disability compensation?

5. SBP/DIC offset and Concurrent Receipt: Will Congress make any progress this year on these two remaining inequities for survivors and disabled retirees?

4. Washington Nationals vs. Washington Redskins: will one, both, or neither make the playoffs this season? (All right, not really a top ten for New York or Philly fans)

3. “Doc” Fix: Will Congress avert the 24.4% Medicare/TRICARE reimbursement cut scheduled to take effect on Jan 1, 2014?

2. Defense Authorization Bill: Will it include the 1.8% pay raise for the troops and avoid more TRICARE fee hikes?

1. Sequestration: Will Congress turn off the disproportional and harmful sequestration that has handcuffed the Pentagon’s budget and our nation’s readiness?

All of these (except number 4) will require a bipartisan, collaborative Congress…hopefully the August recess has put them in that mood.

To learn more about these issues, visit the MOAA website.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about these issues!

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