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TriWest Referral Reset Notice


The following was posted on United Health Care's TRICARE page. Although it is slightly old news, I think it is important enough to resend: Sourece: TIRCARE West (United Health Care) As a reminder, all previously approved TriWest referrals will expire May 30, 2013. In an effort to ensure care is not interrupted, TriWest referrals have been reviewed for medical necessity and an extension decision made based on this review. If your referral has been extended, you and your PCM/Specialist will receive a letter providing details on the specific care with extended service dates. Your previously approved TriWest Obstetric/maternity authorization will continue for the entire 312-day episode of care, even if that continues past May 30, 2013. Log in to see the UnitedHealthcare prior authorizations for you and your granted family members. For more information, please review Frequently Asked Questions.

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