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Troops to Teachers Expands Scope

Troops to Teachers offices nationwide are now able to provide personalized counseling and referral assistance to all military members, past or present, who have served honorably. Troops to Teachers was established in 1994 to aid current and former military members with their transition into instructional or non-instructional careers in public Pre-K and K-12 schools. In addition, TTT helps relieve teacher shortages in high need content areas such as math, science, and special education.

Troops to Teachers registration is open to all honorably discharged veterans regardless of time in service who have an interest in a career in public, charter, bureau funded and DoDEA education. TTT opportunities include both teaching (including teacher's aids) and non-instructional positions such as counselors, psychologists, school nurses, librarians, media specialists, speech therapists, audiologists, physiotherapists, resource officers, school principals, and vice principals.

In addition, the program offers financial assistance to eligible participants.

To register or find out more about Troops to Teachers go to or

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