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Army, Air Force, and Marines Reinstate Tuition Assistance


Army officials announced the reinstatement of the Tuition Assistance program today. The program will pick up were it left off, meaning that eligibility rules have not changed and tuition coverage will remain  at 100% for the remainder of the fiscal year.

According  to the Air Force Times, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, James Cody, said that the Air Force will reinstate tuition assistance around mid-April. Like the Army, the Air Force will fully reinstate the program with no new limitations or restrictions.

The Marine Corps announced that they will also reinstate tuition assistance on Thursday April 11, but with some new limits. The new policy will effectively reduce the funding. In addition, the reinstatement is not retroactive, meaning that Marines who enrolled prior to reinstatement of the TA program will not be eligible to receive TA reimbursement. The Marine Corps will issue details in a soon to be released MARADMIN message.

The Navy was the only service not to suspend tuition assistance and the Coast Guard has yet to issue any statement regarding the restart their tuition assistance  programs.

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