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Senate Reverses Course, Passes TA Amendment


In a last minute kick save, Senators Jim Inhofe and Kay Hagan were able to push their tuition saving amendment through on a  voice vote. Now the Continuing Resolution (amendments and all) are headed to the House of Representatives for a vote. According to Politico, "The House Appropriations Committee leadership has said it will quickly follow  and take the measure — without changes — to a final vote in the House so as to  avert any threat of a March 27 shutdown."

The amendment to the Senate’s Continuing Resolution was originally offered by  Senators Kay Hagan and Jim Inhofe in an effort to stop the termination of military  Tuition Assistance. The amendment fell short of passing earlier this week. But against  the odds it was passed Wednesday afternoon.

The amendment is part of a growing bipartisan response to the Air Force,  Army, Coast Guard and Marine Corps suspension  of the Tuition Assistance program, which was brought on by the so-called  sequestration.

The military tuition assistance program was created to help  service members reach their academic goals and prepare for their inevitable  transition back to the civilian workforce. Military members took 870,000 courses  and earned 50,500 degrees diplomas, and certificates in 2012.

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