Former DoD VolEd Chief Weighs-in on TA


Today Gary Woods, the former Chief of DoD Voluntary Education, offered his perspective on the move to suspend tuition assistance. In his OpEd, titled 'Tuition Assistance in the Crosshairs,' Woods explains that military tuition assistance originated after WWII and became policy in the National Defense Authorization Act of 1972. He also describes how in 2002, “The New Social Compact: a Reciprocal Partnership between the Department of Defense, Service members, and Their Families,” and then a follow-on version in 2004, known as the “Modernized Social Compact,” made it clear that DoD was committed to tuition assistance and other support programs. Woods also points out that the $600 million is a drop in the DoD bucket, yet provides far more return in readiness and morale, not to mention helping prepare service members for their inevitable transition back to the civilian work force. Woods doesn't just rail against the decision, his article also offers substantive solutions and suggestions for bringing the benefit back. Let your elected officials and the DoD know how you feel about suspending TA. Read Mr. Woods full article on

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