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GI Bill Transferability Deadline Approaches for Some


Source:'s Spouse Buzz Blog On Jan. 31, the Army will announce approximately 4,000 Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), specifically E6-E9, who will be ineligible for re-enlistment. As the wife of a Senior Enlisted servicemember that decision stings … a lot. However, there isn’t a lot of time to sulk about what is happening because it is happening, and fast — and being a military family you need to make decisions as soon as possible. One of those decisions involves the Post 9/11 GI Bill Transfer Education Benefit (TEB), which allows servicemembers to transfer their GI Bill school money to one of their dependents, such as their spouse or their child. According to a new Army ALARACT message, once that date hits the calendar if your Soldier is one of the 4,000 he (or she) will no longer will eligible to do a GI bill transfer to you or your children. Because the transfer benefit is a nice to have, not an entitlement, it will be one of the many casualties of the Qualitative Service Program (QSP), the program formed last year to aide leadership in identifying NCOs for involuntary separation. In a memo dated March 13, 2012, Secretary of the Army John McHugh, Gen. Ray Odierno, and Sgt. Maj. Raymond Chandler stated, “Tough decisions are ahead. Some fully qualified Soldiers will be denied reenlistment….Commanders must carefully assess their Soldiers and ensure only our best Soldiers are retained to meet the needs of our Army.” Let your elected officials know how you feel about this action. Read more:

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