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Student Veterans Take USA Today to Task


Does granting college credit for military training and experience "dumb down" your college degree?

The Student Veterans of America recently issued a response to an USA Today Editorial, which claimed that the practice of granting college credit for work and life experience – specifically credit for military experience and training – may be “dumbing down” college degrees in the U.S.

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Please take a minute to read SVA’s response and I encourage you to reach out to them and thank them for their efforts to ensure the success of college bound veterans.

Source: Student Veterans of America

USA Today Opines that College Credit for Military Service may "Dumb Down" Degrees

On December 2, The Editorial Board of USA Today denigrated the process of awarding academic credit for military service in an article that applauded Institutions of Higher Learning in Texas and Florida for curbing the cost of tuition.

The Editorial Board stated, "Granting more credit for previous experience at work, or in the military, risks the dumbing down of degrees."

Student Veterans of America fully rebukes the claim that credit for prior learning done while in the military is, somehow, a lesser form of education than that received in a college classroom.

"The United States Military is the finest fighting force in the world," said Michael Dakduk, Executive Director of Student Veterans of America. "It is preposterous to think that the training, experience, and classroom instruction that molds these individuals does not equate to that learned in America's colleges and universities."

The USA Today article also failed to note that the American Council on Education has a comprehensive methodology that colleges and universities are encouraged to use when awarding credit for military training and experiences.

"This isn't about dumbing down anything," said Colonel Bob Norton, Deputy Director of Government Relations for the Military Officers Association of America. "It's about recognizing commensurate training and work experience for adult learners in the military community."

Dakduk further stated, "This seemingly innocuous comment, coming at the end of an article, is a prime example of the civilian-military divide. Stereotypes can inadvertently enter the public discourse and negatively portray an entire generation of veterans that are bettering themselves through higher education. These men and women are anything but 'dumbing down' the classroom; they are enriching it. They are the future leaders of this country."

About Student Veterans of America: SVA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit coalition of student veteran organizations on college campuses globally. SVA's mission is to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation. For more information, visit their website at or their YouTube channel.

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