TRICARE Fees May Increase Again


This October retirees have seen their TRICARE Prime enrollment fees increased to $269.28 per year for individuals and $538.56 per year for retirees with families. However, retirees should know that TRICARE is warning that these enrollment fees could increase again when Congress passes the final FY 2013 budget.

Retirees can choose to pay the enrollment fees annually, quarterly or monthly.  But they must keep in mind that TRICARE Prime enrollment fees are non-refundable, in most cases.

TRICARE is recommending that retirees pay either monthly (through automatic deduction/charge) or quarterly due to the chance enrollment fees may increase again before the end of the fiscal year.

NOTE: To date there have been no changes to TRICARE for Life -- enrollment remains free to retirees over age 65.

The current fee payments break down as follows:

Annual Payment: Individual: $269.28
Family: $538.56
Quarterly Payment: Individual: $67.32 
Family: $134.64
Monthly Payment: Individual: $22.44
Family: $44.88

Payment requirements differ slightly for each region. Retirees enrolled in the TRICARE Prime in the North, South and West regions can pay by allotment from retired pay, online, pay-by-phone, and through electronic funds transfer and first time TRICARE Prime enrollees can pay the initial enrollment fee by check. TRICARE North and West beneficiaries can also pay by recurring credit card charges. TriWest currently offers beneficiaries the added ability to pay by monthly by check.

Download the TRICARE Prime Enrollment Fee Factsheet.

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