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Update: Walgreens and TRICARE Still Splitsville


Last month I reported that Express Scripts had reached and agreement with Walgreens to resume their status as a network pharmacy provider. I also reported that Tricare had not made a decision on whether to resume their relationship with Walgreens. Well, it appears they have made their decision. The following short statement was found on the Tricare website.

Express Scripts has determined it will maintain the same robust retail pharmacy network of more than 57,000 pharmacies available to TRICARE beneficiaries. Walgreens left the TRICARE retail pharmacy network when their contract with Express Scripts expired on December 31, 2011. On July 19, 2012, Express Scripts and Walgreens announced a new network agreement for Walgreens participation in one of Express Scripts networks. However, in line with TRICARE Management Activity's commitment to the efficient management of the TRICARE Pharmacy benefit, Walgreens will remain designated as a non-network pharmacy provider for TRICARE beneficiaries.

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