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Reminder: Don't Waste Your Benefits - Shop Wisely


The recently reported abuses and rip-offs by some colleges and universities should serve as a reminder that as servicemembers or veterans we have to be vigilant when it comes to using our education benefits.

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense provide counseling, information, and processes to help ensure servicemembers and veterans make wise decisions about using their education benefits. But, even with those safeguards some abuses still occur. 

The DoD will soon provide more protection for servicemembers by requiring schools to give them greater oversight of the processes and practices of schools that receive military tuition assistance dollars. But, in the end it is up to all of us to be better informed and avoid education rip-offs.

Before you choose a school you should know your rights. Read the Military Student Bill of Rights and check out the following articles which offer advice to help servicemembers and vets avoid getting ripped off:

The bottom line: Learn to be a smart shopper. You wouldn't buy a house without doing an inspection -- treat your education benefits the same way. Show Full Article

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