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New Legislation Could Expand Space-A Eligibility

Under the current rules, Guard and Reserve members qualify for Space-A travel. However, unlike active duty family members, dependents of the Guard or Reserve currently cannot fly Space-A. So-called, “Grey Area” retirees (retirement eligible members of the Guard and Reserve who are under 60 years old) are excluded from traveling OCONUS on Space-A.

If passed, House bill 4164 and its companion bill in the Senate, S. 2112, would authorize DoD to offer space available worldwide travel on military aircraft to dependents of Guard and Reserve members, “gray area" retirees, and widows and widowers of retired members and dependents.

Here are the current six eligibility categories:

  • CATEGORY I: Emergency travel on a round-trip basis in connection with serious illness or death.
  • CATEGORY II: Environmental Moral Leave
  • CATEGORY III: Ordinary Leave- Members of the uniformed services in an ordinary or reenlistment leave status
  • CATEGORY IV: Unaccompanied dependents on EML- Unaccompanied family members, 18+, traveling on EML
  • CATEGORY V: Permissive Temporary Duty and Students
  • CATEGORY VI: Retirees- National Guard/Reserve Components, the Ready Reserve and Retired military members.
Learn more about Space-A travel on You can also visit JohnD.’s Space-A website to access flight schedules and location specific information.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about allowing “gray area” retirees, dependents and surviving spouses to fly Space-A.

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