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Tuition Assistance Remains Safe for Now


The DoD recently released details for how they plan to meet the budget reductions mandated by congress last year. While there were some areas that caught our attention, like huge changes to TRICARE fees, proposed military pay raise limits, the thing that caught my attention was the lack of information about the voluntary education budget -- namely the Military Tuition Assistance program.

DoD officials told attendees at this year's Council of College and Military Educators Symposium that any changes to Tuition Assistance are still be evaluated by the Pentagon..

Many of our readers will likely remember the outcry caused by the Marine Corps attempt to cut TA to $175 a credit and institute an $875 annual cap in October of 2011, which lead the DoD official telling the American Forces Press Service that the “If any changes are made to the tuition assistance policy, they will be instituted in a deliberate, thoughtful manner maintaining the integrity of a joint uniform policy for all service members.”

So, for now, no news is good news for servicemembers who wish to use their military tuition assistance benefit.

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