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Worried About Pay and Benefit Cuts in 2012?


According to’s DoD Buzz, members of both parties in Congress are gearing up for a protracted game of political chicken over the potential threats to the future of DoD’s budget.

Although we will surely hear threats and warnings of the looming sequestration and its impacts on military personnel and weapons programs, DoD Buzz reports that lawmakers probably won’t act until after Election Day – and may not even do anything until the new Congress is seated next year.

Since the impact of the sequestration will not go into effect until January 2, 2013, military servicemembers, retirees, federal employees, and their families are not likely to see any changes in benefits or pay in 2012.

While the threat is real and sequestration will likely happen as planned, the basic political strategy appears to be to avoid making any cuts or take action this year. The plan on both sides seems to be to win big in November, as each party assumes they will win the White House and enough congressional seats to undo the $500 billion in reduced budget – even if they have to do so after the cuts go into effect.

So, it appears benefits and pay will be safe in 2012, but that doesn’t mean 2013 won’t bring huge changes to TRICARE, military Retirement, and military pay programs.

Read more in the DoD Buzz.

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