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Veterans Largely Oppose Tax Cuts If Benefit Cuts Result, Survey Says


Friday, released survey results from veterans and others geared at holding 2012's political candidates accountable for promises about VA benefits. Over 500 readers from Social Media and traditional news sources responded affirmatively in support of veterans benefits moving forward.

In the survey, 95% of all responders opposed tax cuts if they include reductions to veterans' benefits. Meanwhile 71% of those surveyed supported tax increases to increase current veterans' resources. Those surveyed also, by and large, supported reductions to Corporate Subsidies and Education payouts.

This is significant because the results can be extrapolated to the larger veteran and military population as a whole. Over 25 million people in the US are veterans. If one includes family members and friends connected to veterans, the number quickly approaches 60 million US Citizens. A voting block that large would need to be paid attention to if all voters were unified on a few topics, such as taxes and benefit reductions.

Moving forward, surveys like this one will at least help veterans know, once it's coupled with the Veterans Pledge, which politicians are really on our side which are merely paying lip service to veterans.

The Veterans Pledge will circulate amongst the presidential candidates over the next couple months so that we can see what they really think about this 60 million person voting block. Its time that we veterans take our fight to the voting booth.

Here are the results of the Hold Them Accountable Survey.


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