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DoD MOU – Setting the Record Straight


My recent article about the impact of the DoD's Tuition Assistance MOU was not meant as an indictment of the schools which are not happy with what many see as the DoD overstepping their authority. These schools are not trying to hurt active, reserve and Guard students, they are simply trying to maintain some sovereignty over their own product -- education. They have every right to push back.

To varying degrees many of the schools that are pushing back already accept transfer credits, military experience credits and credit cards, and adhere to the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) consortium guidelines and the Military Student Bill of Rights.

I also failed to note that many smaller schools don’t have enough people to evaluate the ACE credit recommendations or send the DoD the proper information such as degree plans and course registrations in a timely manner, making it nearly impossible for them to meet the DoD's requirements.

I was guilty of painting with the same broad brush that I often complain about others using when they lump all private for-profit schools in one group.

Simply put, yesterday's post was not up to my own standards.

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