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No Tuition Assistance Cuts in 2012


The same week the Marine Corps backed off their decision to gut their tuition assistance program, the DoD’s American Forces Press Service released an article saying the DoD would not be reducing their Tuition Assistance payment rates – at least not right away.

Jo Ann Rooney, principal deputy undersecretary of defense, personnel and readiness, said, "our goal is that any announcements about changes to existing policies affecting service members' benefits and compensation will be made after the comprehensive review,” she said.

So, what caused the DoD to reverse course? Best guess is the outcry caused by the Marine Corps attempt to cut TA to $175 a credit and institute an $875 annual cap. .

In addition, the odd way the official MARADMIN announced that the DoD’s 2012 TA rate would be cut by $75 a credit may have ruffled some feathers.

A DoD official told AFPS that “If any changes are made to the tuition assistance policy, they will be instituted in a deliberate, thoughtful manner maintaining the integrity of a joint uniform policy for all service members.” This may reflect their frustration with the Marine Corps less than “thoughtful,” if not premature, TA policy announcement.

No matter what the cause, the DoD’s temporary change of heart comes as good news -- for now.

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