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House Goes Hollywood to Push Vet Jobs Bill

In an effort to gain the support within the veteran community and the Congress, the House Veterans Affairs Committee recently released a Hollywood style movie trailer to promote the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act of 2011.

The VOW Act of 2011 is part of a larger effort to help the men and women who have served our nation and protected our liberty compete in today’s austere economic climate.

The total number of unemployed veterans in the United States is now over 1 million. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among Gulf War II era vets (those serving since Sept. 2011) is 11.5 percent, roughly 1 percent higher than the non-veteran population.

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs recently passed the VOW Act and the bill will soon go before the entire House for vote.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about this pending legislation.

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