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Copayment for TRICARE Meds Changing Oct. 1

As reported here last month, TRICARE will soon change their pharmacy copayments to encourage TRICARE beneficiaries to use the Home Delivery option.

As of Oct. 1, 2011, copayments for generic prescription medications will be free of charge for 90 day supplies through TRICARE Home Delivery; while the copayment for the same medication will increase from $3 to $5 at retail pharmacies.

The following changes to the TRICARE pharmacy copayments are scheduled to go into effect Oct. 1:

  • Generic formulary drugs purchased at retail pharmacies will go from $3 to $5. 
  • Generic formulary drugs purchased through the Home Delivery option will go from $3 to $0 for a 90 day supply.
  • Brand name formulary drugs from retail pharmacies will go from $9 to $12. 
  • Non-formulary medications will go from $22 to $25 in both retail and Home Delivery.
  • Brand name formulary drugs purchased through Home Delivery will have the same $9 copayment.
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