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Schools Redefine “Military Friendly”


Whether opening new on-campus veteran service centers, offering veteran’s advisory councils, increasing staff counselors, offering the VA's Yellow Ribbon program, or allowing non-resident veterans to attend tuition free, this year, many schools are redefining what it means to be veteran and military friendly.

Last week I wrote about the efforts at Colorado State to help veterans get their education. This week I read reports about efforts at the University of Texas to do the same. It is obvious that more and more schools are taking steps to serve veterans and servicemembers.

[Editor's Note: The CSU Story was printed in the Denver Post and ran on Cable News]

Over the years the use of the term “Military Friendly” has become cliché; in most cases it has reflected a desire for schools to draw in student veterans more than the desire to help. Unfortunately, the term really had no actual meaning to the  student veteran. ‘Military Friendly’ can mean anything from schools that simply offer programs that are eligible for GI Bill benefits or military tuition assistance to schools feature full-time veteran’s service centers and trained veteran certification officials that work tirelessly to ensure veterans and servicemembers get the services and benefits they earn.

With this year’s greater emphasis on doing right by veterans, the current trend is to expand services and offer greater value and support.

The key for veterans is to find a school that best fits their needs, offers that best value, and has a staff of dedicated staff of counselors and advisors that can help them be successful.

If you are a veteran getting ready to use your GI Bill to earn your degree, you need to shop around and ask the right questions when searching for a college. It seems most of veterans treat college admissions as if the school is doing them a favor.

Here’s a tip, they aren’t doing you a favor, it is a buyer’s market, shop around, treat the admissions process like a two way interview ask questions and verify the answers. After all, these days they need you more than you need them.

The first question I would ask is, “What makes your school ‘Military Friendly?’”

Learn more about asking the right questions and getting started on earning your degree.

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