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Harmful Effects of Munitions Studied

What goes up must come down. A recent rerelease of a 5 year old Army munitions report proves an obvious point: war and munitions are bad for you. These things are actually quite bad for the health of pretty much any living thing.

No surprise. But if the story ended there, then I wouldn’t post it.

This report was rereleased recently by the National Organization for Veterans Advocates (NOVA), and let me tell you, there is a reason these lawyers think the report is important. NOVA member lawyers are all about making sure veterans get what they deserve from the VA. And with current budget cuts potentially impacting disability benefits, we will need as much help as we can get.

While we all support woodpeckers and whatnot, the bigger issue is the impact of these exposures on veterans and active military personnel.

Use this. Recently, I used information from the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations to document exposure to asbestos in my disability claim. Within the document, the Committee discussed the condition of my old dormitory and confirmed their condemned condition. Click Control+F to use the PDF find feature. Then type in “asbestos.”

Documents like this are all over the web. You just need know how to search with them using some typical keywords and Google.

Similarly, reports like the ones above can be used to support high levels of exposures to various chemicals. While not conclusive, disabled veterans can successfully use documents like these in the development of their nexus letters.

A veteran’s nexus letter could be written by an independent medical examiner or the VA doctor. It is used to connect the veteran’s current condition with conditions or exposures in service and is necessary for certain disability claims

Army Report. This report was written because some concerned Americans were worried about a woodpecker and some other animals. I only wish more Americans were concerned with the things military members have to be exposed to in order for our war machine to function.

Regardless, take a look at the report to see if your base was once of those studying by the Army Corps of Engineers. If so, and you believe you have cancer or something as a result of exposure, this report could help you prove this exposure. Here is a little excerpt:

“This study evaluates the potential long-term impacts on selected threatened and endangered species resulting from dispersion and deposition of vapors and particles found in the fog oils, hexachloroethane smoke, colored smokes, white phosphorus, and obscurants such as brass flakes and graphite flakes used during training. Residue from these constituents can deposit directly on plants and prey species favored by higher vertebrates and other species or can be taken up by plants and prey species from the soil.”
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