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TriWest Healthcare Alliance, the West Region contractor for the TRICARE program, helps answer general TRICARE questions each month on This month’s topic: TRICARE Young Adult.

Question: My son is 24 years old and without health insurance. How can he enroll into the TRICARE Young Adult program?

Answer: Your son can enroll into TRICARE Young Adult (TYA), provided that he is eligible. You can find eligibility information at TRICARE’s TYA page. Once you’ve confirmed he’s eligible, you have to submit an enrollment application and three months of premiums.

Fill out and print the TYA Application for your son’s region (North, South, West). The young adult has to sign the completed form. Mail or fax the completed form to the regional contractor where your son lives, along with the initial three-month premium payment. Worried about missing monthly payments? Set up automatic recurring credit card or electronic funds transfer (from a checking or savings account) payments on the TYA Application.

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