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Last Minute Deal Saves Military Pay

UPDATED August 2, 2011: The "Debt Ceiling Deal" has been signed by the President. This means that Military Pay and Veterans programs are safe for the time being. (Read the Full Story)

In a last minute deal, the President and Congressional leaders appear to have staved off the August 2, “debt-ceiling” crisis. If the agreement holds, it would mean that a military pay, retiree pay and VA benefit payment stoppage will be avoided. This is good news for servicemembers and veterans who feared they would not get paid. 

According to the Associated Press, the final battle to get the deal was fought over Pentagon spending cuts, about $350 billion in defense spending curbs.

Unfortunately, this will not be the last budget issue to threaten military pay this year. We face a budget battle that could once again threaten to shut down the government and put military pay on hold this fall.

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