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Changes in TRICARE Dental Coming

Our friends at Spouse Buzz have brought it to my attention that as of February 2012, United Concordia will no longer be the TRICARE Dental Program contractor -- the new contractor will be Metropolitan Life.

So what does this mean to TDP beneficiaries?

According to a TRICARE FAQ page the new MetLife coverage will feature:

  • An increase in the annual maximum from $1,200 to $1,300
  • An increase in the lifetime orthodontic maximum from $1,500 to $1,750
  • Coverage of posterior resin (white) fillings
  • Additional $1,200 maximum per year for services related to accidents/injuries
  • No cost shares for some periodontal services for diabetics
  • Coverage of an additional cleaning for women during pregnancy
  • First-year premiums at or below current rates

The main concern I have is that the last bullet says, "first year." What does that mean for year two and beyond? And, so far, TRICARE is being tight-lipped about any cost-share changes.

Read the TRICARE FAQ to learn more.

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