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Balancing the Budget on Vet's Backs?


While addressing the American Legion, President Obama declared his support and admiration for America’s servicemembers and veterans. He reminded the group of the increased Dept. of Veterans Affairs budget – on track to increase funding by about 30 percent – and the many steps his administration has taken to ensure the VA has the funding and tools it needs to provide the services and benefits our veterans need and deserve.

He also spoke of the need to speed up the process and “break the backlog of disability claims.” He said that this will remain a priority and they plan to hire more claims processors.

But, the one subject that is on the minds of most military veterans and servicemembers, is the proposed plan to cut the Federal deficit and the impact it may have on veterans programs and defense spending. In an effort to alleviate vet's fears, the president told the American Legion audience, “As a nation, we’re facing tough choices as we put our fiscal house in order.  But I want to be absolutely clear—we cannot, and we must not, balance the budget on the backs of our veterans.  And as Commander in Chief, I won’t allow it” – encouraging words indeed.

The President’s words certainly have not fallen on deaf ears and I am sure his audience will be more than willing to hold him to it.

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