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USA Today: Pentagon Lies About Dust


The USA Today revealed that the Pentagon is lying to veterans and active-duty military members about the impact of dust from the Middle East. Their claim: Middle East dust is no different than that of the U.S. or China. They went as far as to say that there are “no adverse health effects” from Middle East dust.

Not true, according to the researchers who actually conducted a study from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Their study was conducted to examine why active-duty servicemembers experienced a 250% increase in neurological disorders and a 47% increase in respiratory issues. Professor Utell, from the University of Rochester School of Medicine, flatly said the Pentagon is incorrect to make their claims.

According to the Army’s own 2008 study (conducted by the Desert Research Institute of Nevada), fine particular matter in the Middle East “far exceeded recommended World Health Organization levels.” Beyond that, their study was essentially worthless according to NAS scientists who conducted the sister study. These scientists went on to express disappointment at the approach taken by the Pentagon to flatly ignore the health impacts of the current war.

One researcher stated, “It’s not like it’s rocket science.” The researchers employed by the Army used “inappropriate” methods to reach the conclusions desired by the Pentagon. When they did perform the studies properly, the Army refused to disclose the results.

This issue of veteran respiratory issues was talked about here last week. I find it to be the saddest insult of all to live in a country where the government can coverup whatever it wants about your health. It sure would be nice to get the care necessary and required. But this is impossible when doctors don't have access to the facts. These same facts are withheld by the same government that sends us to battle without the correct weaponry. There is a guide on how to get the right diagnosis on

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