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VA Ready to Move on GI Bill Changes


The following blurb was taken from the VA Facebook page - just a quick update on their progress toward fully implementing GI Bill 2.0.

From the Department of Veterans Affairs:

We recently updated our software for the changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill that go into effect August 1st. This means we're able to accept and begin processing your Fall 2011 enrollment certification now. We asked all School Certifying Officials to begin submitting Fall 2011 enrollment certifications on Monday June 6th.

We encourage you to talk to your School Certifying Official and ask him or her to submit your Fall 2011 enrollment certification as soon as possible. Even if your school doesn’t know how much your tuition and fees will be for the upcoming term, they can still certify to us; they just have to report $0 as the tuition and fee amount and then report the actual amount once your charges are determined. This will help us get the ball rolling now on your monthly housing allowance and books stipend so you don't experience a delay in payments.

This will mean that there should be no added delays due to the changes in tuition and fees and housing stipend rules, which go into effect this fall. However, one has to wonder about the impact GI Bill 2.1 - the pending changes to GI Bill 2.0 - will have on the VA's IT progress.

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