New Voice Joins the Call for Pay Cuts


This week saw a new voice join the call for reducing military pay and benefits, and from all places the call is coming from the current Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen. is reporting that according to Adm. Mullen, the administration's call for reducing the DoD budget by $400 billion by FY2023, will force the DoD find ways to cut the cost of pay and benefits for servicemembers - active, reserve, and retirees.

Mullen told reporters, "we have to put initiatives in place in the mid-term that would start to generate cash in the out years. Two of the big places the money is, is in pay and benefits."

It seems the Pentagon is making a full court press on the issue of cutting pay and benefits - first Gates now Mullen. But, when it comes from the CJCS one has to wonder if this is actually a warning to the White House and Congress that asking for $400 billion in cuts in defense is dangerous - after all cutting pay while troops are still globally engaged with the enemy seems odd.

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Let the Pentagon, White House and Congress know how you feel about cuts in military pay and benefits.

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