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The Best/Worst Jobs for 2011

Vets looking for post-service career opportunities should consider checking out the Best and Worst Jobs for 2011. The article, recently posted in’s Veteran Career Center, lists this year’s best employment prospects based on environment, income, long-term job outlook, physical demands and stress. 

The following are five of the top ten 2011 best (and worst) jobs and their estimated mid-level annual incomes as listed in the article:


Best Jobs for 2011:

1. Software Engineer - $87,140

2. Mathematician - $94,178

3. Actuary - $87,204

4. Statistician - $73,208

5. Computer Systems Analyst - $77,153

Worst Jobs for 2011:

1. Roustabout - $32,143

2. Ironworker - $34,127

3. Lumberjack - $32,109

4. Roofer - $34,168

5. Taxi Driver - $21,127

Read ' The Best (and Worst) Jobs of 2011' to see the complete list.

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