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House Moves Forward on 2012 Military Pay

The House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee has completed their mark-up of the 2012 defense authorization bill (H.R. 1540). The term Mark-up refers to the process of determining the details and working out differences to produce a clean text for the full House Armed Services Committee to consider.

In the matter of the 2012 military pay rates, the mark-up version matches the White House’s recommendation for a 1.6% across-the-board pay raise. Although this is the sec­ond small­est raise since 1962, given the cur­rent bud­get envi­ron­ment it is slightly better than a a freeze.

Reaching early consensus on the pay increase has not happened in quite a few years and it may be an indication that the proposed 1.6% increase is a done deal. Of course this must still pass the full committee and the Senate has yet to weigh in.

View the proposed 2012 Military Pay Charts to see what a 1.6% raise will mean to your monthly budget.

Given the current budget situation, do you think the proposed 1.6% raise is enough?survey software

Let your voice be heard! Contact your elected officials to let them know how you feel about the proposed 1.6% pay raise.

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