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What a Fed Shutdown Means


What Does a Shutdown Actually Mean? By Amy Bushatz

UPDATE: Shutdown Averted and military pay is safe -- at least tem­porar­ily -- but mil­i­tary ser­vice­mem­bers should have never had to fear for their pay. Read more.

Rumors are flying through the military community as to what, exactly,  a government shutdown will mean. Many military service providers and officials won’t say for now how the shutdown will affect them.

But at least two things are certain: unless Congress passes a budget by midnight Friday, commissaries around the world will close and military pay will be placed on hold, officials say. Members will get at least a half-paycheck on April 15th, with the remainder delayed until the budget is passed, including all pay and allowances. Commissaries will reopen when the money comes through.

Other shutdown facts we know for sure:

  • AAFES stores, including shoppettes, will remain open.
  • On base DoDEA schools and childcare will remain open.
  • All servicemembers will be expected to show-up for work regardless of their pay unless otherwise notified.
  • Leave will be canceled, according to the Office of Personnel Management. What that means to those currently on leave, however, is still unknown. 
  • National cemeteries, such as Arlington, will remain open. Some may operate on modified schedules.
  • Military hospitals and healthcare facilities will stay open. 
  • Deployments and overseas operations will continue.
  • Retirees and Annuitants will  receive their pay as scheduled.
We’ll continue to update you as more facts emerge. For now there’s just a lot of missing details. For example, if we already have tickets to Hawaii for Monday, will my Soldier’s approved leave be canceled?

Stay tuned for updates as we have them!

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