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In the interest of ensuring our readers are kept up to date on something other than pay, I will begin adding a 'TRICARE Update' feature to share news and insights about specific TRICARE programs.

 This week's update features TRICARE's program to help allergy sufferers.

Many TRICARE beneficiaries are not aware that they are eligible for testing and treatment of  allergy related conditions. In addition, to tests administered by allergists that can identify most allergies, TRICARE covers prescription medication and other allergy treatments administered by allergists.

Unfortunately, TRICARE does not cover most over-the-counter medications. To see if a medication is covered by TRICARE, use the online formulary search tool at

For more information on the allergy services TRICARE offers and how to arrange care, visit the TRICARE website at

Please feel free to comment below on any personal experiences with related TRICARE that you feel may help other readers.

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