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VA Issues Shutdown Guide


The Department of Veterans Affairs today, issued their “Veterans Field Guide” to help veterans plan for the possible impacts of the federal shutdown. Thankfully there were no real surprises from what has been reported here over the last few weeks.

Most if not all of the critical services will continue to be available to veterans and the families. Here is a summary of the VA programs that will continue to be available:

Some VA service will be reduced or suspended during a government shutdown. The following is a list of services that will not be available:
  • GI Bill Call Center
  • No decisions on claims appeals or motions will be issued by the Board of Veterans Appeals.
  • New education and vocational rehabilitation benefits processing.
  • New compensation and pension benefits processing.
  • VA’s main and hospital Social Media Web sites will be updated intermittently (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.)
  • Recruiting and hiring of Veteran job applicants will cease
  • Presidential Memorial certificates will not be processed
  • Interments at National Cemeteries will be conducted on a modified rate.
  • Overseas Military coordinator operations will be suspended.
  • VA Secretary Correspondence with veterans and VSOs suspended
  • All Outreach and Public Awareness Activities suspended.
  • Debt Management Center
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