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Military Pay Safe, for the Moment


Time for a big sigh of relief. Right?

Congress was able to avert a complete government shutdown last Friday night. But it wasn't because they finally agreed on a 2011 budget; it was yet another continuing resolution - number seven to be exact - which will continue to fund government operations through April 15. Of course, we all hope that we will have a budget signed by that date. 

While Sen. Reid and Speaker Boehner pat themselves on the back for avoiding the shutdown, the truth is that the whole thing can still come unraveled. So what happens if the deal agreed to on April 8 falls through?

The one thing that must come out of this whole ugly deal (besides a 2011 budget) is a law to protect military pay from future shutdowns. Even Rep. Bachmann, a staunch budget hardliner, said that  "...our troops should not be used as pawns in political negotiations."

Bachmann said, "I am planning to introduce legislation so that our men and women in uniform are never again in the situation of wondering whether or not they will receive a paycheck in the event of a government shutdown."

If you agree that military pay should be protected from future political brinkmanship, then contact your elected representatives to tell them to support Rep. Gohmert's H.R. 1297 or similar legislation.

Update: DFAS issued a press release explaining that servicemembers will get two deposits on April 15. Read more.

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