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Expect Two Deposits Next Payday

The following is the latest update from DFAS on the April 15 paycheck snafu.

Due to the near shutdown experience last week, most military will get two deposits in their bank accounts on April 15.  According to DFAS, they are now processing the remaining seven days of mid-month pay, so service members will see their normal total mid-month pay, but with more than one deposit into their account.

Note: Active duty and reservists in the Marine Corps who will receive the normal single full deposit. 

Although Army, Navy, and Air Force active duty members will receive two payments to cover their full mid-month pay on April 15, the most current Net Pay Advice statements will still only show the partial payments for the week of April 1-8.

In addition, Army, Navy and Air Force reservists will receive full mid-month pay by April 15, but again, the most current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) will still only show the partial payments for April 1-8.

In both cases a full accounting of April pay will be available on the normal end of month LES, posted to myPay accounts on April 22.

Simply put - Everyone (active and reserve) will get paid like normal on April 15  - but they will get it in two deposits (same day) -  and the LES's will be back to normal on April 22.

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