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Military Families Get Some Attention


President Obama recently pledged that his administration would improve military family services – everything from child-care and financial problems to veteran homelessness and job opportunities for spouses.

According to, every cabinet department and many federal agencies -- from Treasury to the Small Business Administration -- will be crafting policies and programs to assist military families in areas of financial assistance, education, career development and housing.

In addition to pressing government agencies to step up, the president called on the private sector to get involved. "We also recognize that this can't be a mission for government alone," Obama said. "Government has its responsibilities, but when 1 percent of Americans are fighting our wars, 100 percent of Americans should be supporting our troops and their families."

The White House plan also calls for the Defense Department and Department of Veterans Affairs to implement a multi-year program to help family members recognize mental health problems and get the proper care and treatment.

Read White House Rolls Out Military Family Plan for the full story.

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