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Bills Offer Support for Military Spouses

Congress is currently considering several bills which would have a positive impact on the lives military spouses and their families.

S. 260 and HR 178 – Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), recently introduced S. 260 (the companion bill to Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-SC)  "Military Surviving Spouses Equity Act" - HR 178) would eliminate the so-called “Widow’s Tax" - otherwise known as the SBP Offset. The bill would permit a military widow(er) to receive Survivor’s Benefits Plan payments without being subjected to the offset by Dependency Indemnification Compensation (DIC).

H.R. 687 –  The "Military Spouse Employment Act," introduced by John Carter (R-TX), would offer employers a tax credit for hiring spouses of members of the Armed Forces on extended active duty for more than 90 days.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about these efforts to support military spouses.

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