Bachmann Backs Off Plan to Cut VA Budget


Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) recently announced her plans to rein in federal spending, in part by cutting $4.5 billion from the Department of Veterans Affairs - specifically disabled veteran compensation. This sent shock waves through the veteran community. In response, veteran’s service organizations, including the VFW and AMVETS, issued statements condemning her plan for stripping away the support disabled veterans count on, especially during a time of war.

On Feb. 4, Bachmann released a statement backing off her plan to cut disability compensation for vets who also draw Social Security benefits. Referring to her budget cutting plan as a "discussion list," Bachmann writes:

"One point on my discussion list was a $4.5 billion proposal that would affect payments made to our veterans. That discussion point has received a lot of attention and I have decided to remove it from consideration. The problem of government spending must be solved, but not on the backs of our nation’s war heroes. I have always been a proud supporter of the United States military and I continue to stand with our veterans.  In the months ahead I look forward to working with our Veterans Service Organizations to ensure that we fulfill our commitments to those who sacrificed so much in their brave service for our country.”

Some news sources report that Bachmann left in portions of her original proposal to freeze on Disability Compensation and Veterans Pensions and cap VA Health Care spending. However, the latest version of Bachmann's "discussion list" does not include any cuts to the VA budget. In fact the last line now reads: "Proposal to reduce veterans benefits by $4.5 billion eliminated 2/04/11." It appears that Rep. Bachmann got the message - loud and clear.

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