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Virginia Governor has Vet Friendly Plans


Source: Virgina Pilot

Veterans leaving the service could be eligible for in-state college tuition rates immediately, if legislation introduced by Gov. Bob McDonnell passes. Right now, vets have to meet the same residency requirements as civilians. They must live in Virginia for one year before qualifying for in-state rates.

The tuition bill was part of a military-friendly bundle of announcements presented by the governor Thursday to a roomful of veterans at the Capitol.

The governor would also like to reorganize his Cabinet, moving veteran issues to a newly named secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security, currently called the Office of Commonwealth Preparedness. Terrie Suit, a former Virginia Beach delegate and current assistant to the governor, would remain in charge of the renamed office.

McDonnell also proposed increasing the veteran cemetery budget by $387,000 and appropriating $6.7 million for repair and maintenance of National Guard armories.

Another proposal would allow vets and their spouses to receive a free copy of their vital records if it is to be used to determine eligibility for federal veteran benefits.

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