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Reform Seen as Retiree Job-Killer


In his recent Military Officers Association of America column, Col. Steve Strobridge (USAF, Ret.), points out that a suggestion by President Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is a potential job-killer for military retirees.

He is referring  specifically to the panel's suggestion to make civilian employers payback the Pentagon for the cost of health care for their retired military employees who choose to use TRICARE over employer provided health care insurance.

An employer's recourse would likely be to force retirees to turn down the health care benefits they were promised or refuse to hire them in the first place.

As Strobridge sees it, this move will impede military retiree's chances for post-service employment in the worst job market in decades. Simply put, employers will see this as a penalty for hiring retirees.  

Strobridge points out that this is wrong on many levels. Read his article, "As I See It - Job-Killer for Military Retirees," to see his full list what's wrong with this idea.

My question - What's next? Will the DoD go after the VA to be reimbursed for disabled retirees who choose TRICARE over the VA health Care system?

Let your elected officials know how you feel about this proposal.

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