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Blue Ribbon Panel Backs Down, Some


The December 1 follow-up to the original National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform report, dubbed “The Moment of Truth,” backed off the push for a 3-year military pay freeze. The report also backed off on the  first report's plans for overhauling military retirement and  increasing TRICARE fees for working-age military retirees.

However, the commission’s updated "truth" report did detail a plan aimed at persuading military retirees over 65 to use their TRICARE for Life benefits more efficiently. Under the plan, TFL beneficiaries would have to cover the first $500 of costs not paid by Medicare, and half of the next $5000, out of pocket. Meaning TFL participants would pay up to $3000 more ($500 + $2500) each year.

Read Tom Phipott’s article to learn more.

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